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Revere Truck Accident Injury Attorneys

Truck accidents are a grave and serious matter. When compared to passenger cars, trucks can weigh up to 30 times, are much taller, have greater ground clearance, and take farther and longer to fully stop when braking. This makes people traveling in smaller vehicles very vulnerable in the event of an accident. In fact, 2017 data shows that a total of 4,102 people died in large truck accidents, 68% of which were occupants of other passenger vehicles and cars.

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Yes, all types of motor vehicle accidents can be serious or fatal but when it comes to truck accidents and dealing with injury claims, one needs to act quick. Truck accidents involving passenger vehicles are more likely to result in serious or fatal injuries. It’s also worth noting that when the situation involves commercial drivers, more complex issues can arise.

Here at Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys, our team of Revere truck injury lawyers make sure that all necessary resources and tools are employed to retrieve a complete analysis of the accident and get you fair compensation for the injuries that you have sustained. Whether you’re looking to recover lost wages, lost property, fix damaged property, pay for medical treatment, get compensation for your pain and suffering, get treatment for other physical, emotional, financial, or mental issues caused by another person or entity’s negligence, Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys is ready to help you today.

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Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable

multi-vehicle collisionCommercial truck businesses have strict state and federal rules and regulations that they need to abide by. These have been set to ensure the safety on roads and highways. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers follow these rules. One example would be that they are allowed by federal regulations to drive up to 11 hours at a stretch, but some work longer hours and, as a result, pose as a crash risk.

A trucker’s violation of the law can have dire consequences, endangering their own lives and lives of many others. Whiplash, broken bones, spinal cord injury, back pain, traumatic brain injury, and even death can result from truck accidents, so it’s extremely important that extra care and diligence is observed by truck drivers.

Truck accident injuries are devastating results that take place because of drivers who:

  • Drive while being distracted (texting, calling, eating, etc.)
  • Drive over the set speed limit, especially for certain weather conditions or road conditions
  • Violate the set hours-of-service regulation regarding long distance drive, and end up driving tired or fatigued
  • Drive intoxicated or under the influence of prohibited substances
  • Tailgate the vehicles in front of their truck
  • Stop at the shoulder without putting up indicator
  • Fail to do proper maintenance and inspection of their vehicle

Commercial truck drivers can work for a trucking organization or can be independent contractors. It’s important to know the structure and type of employment that they have as this information can affect how truck accident victims can pursue legal recourse against them. Commercial trucking companies are for-profit entities, as are insurance companies, and this means that giving you a fair payout for your initial insurance claim isn’t exactly their top priority.

In order to protect your interests and ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries, you will need the expert assistance, guidance, and insight of a trusted truck accident injury attorney. Here at Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys, your welfare is our prime concern and we make it our mission to get you the justice and fair compensation that you deserve.

With Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys, you don’t pay until we win.

We have been a trusted personal injury law firm here in Massachusetts for a long time, and the secret to our success is treating every single client the same way we’ve treated the hundreds of accident victims that we’ve represented over the years…we put in all our resources and effort to deliver the results that you deserve.

If you’ve sustained injuries from a different type of automobile accident, Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys is fully equipped with knowledge and experience to help. Whether it’s a motorcycle accident, car accident, bike accident, or any other type, we are here for you and we’re ready to help.

What To Do When You Are In An Accident

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As a law firm that specializes in Revere personal injury claims, Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys has successfully supported and represented countless clients in car accident injury cases, medical malpractice cases, wrongful death cases, even truck accident injury cases, and many more. We have grown to become an established law office here in Massachusetts because we are relentless when it comes to fighting for our clients’ rights to get the financial compensation that they deserve. We are committed to pursuing the compensation they need to help pay for medical bills, lost or damaged property, lost wages, etc. because of the accident.

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we have constructed a reliable and effective process of handling truck accident injury claims. In the unfortunate instance that you or your family or your loved one has sustained injuries in an accident involving a commercial truck or a tractor-trailer, here is what you can expect to happen:

  • Seek Immediate Medical Treatment Accidents can get your adrenaline pumped so you may not feel any pain or aches or symptoms caused by the collision. Whether you think you’ve been injured or not, get yourself thoroughly checked by a doctor immediately after the incident. Make sure to mention all possible symptoms to the doctor and if you feel that a particular test or screening is relevant, don’t hesitate to request it. If you miss mentioning anything in your medical file, getting it entered as evidence further along the legal process can be difficult.
  • Hire An Experienced Attorney As an established accident injury law firm, Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys provides Free Consultations and Free Case Reviews to anyone looking for professional legal counsel for their personal injury claim. Our strong team of experienced lawyers is passionate about pursuing the maximum compensation for all of the injuries, losses, and damage that you have sustained because of the accident. When it comes to choosing legal representation and support, partnering with an accomplished and trusted law office such as Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys gives you the best chance for a favorable result.
  • Build The Case Truck accident injury cases require immediate attention, which is why we start to thoroughly investigate your case as soon as possible. The work we do includes collaborating with police officers, eyewitnesses, first responders, health professionals, the insurance company involved, claims adjusters, etc. and ensure that every relevant detail of your case is documented. Accident reports and crime scene notes are compiled and meticulously inspected. Medical records are carefully verified. Insurance information of everyone involved is also analyzed. All these details are taken into account before we determine who the at-fault party is, how much the total loss costs, and what our settlement demand then contains.
  • Communication Here at Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys, we want to make the legal process as smooth and worry-free for our clients, but we also ensure that they are well informed and updated regarding the case. We see to it that you are agreeable to the process that we follow and that you know the next steps we are going to take. We maintain communication with you via mail, via phone, and via one-on-one conversations in person. We also communicate with you to know how you are doing, what your medical status is, what treatment you are expected to go through, as well as discussions and review of your settlement information.
  • Claim Settlement After your care is completed, your health records, medical bills, lost wage or lost income details are compiled along with other relevant information in order to prepare the content of your settlement demand. The settlement demand contains what we believe the reasonable and fair payout would be based on the injuries sustained, the extent of such injuries, the inconvenience, and the long-term repercussions caused by the parties at fault. On your behalf, Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys handles the negotiation part, seeing to it that you get the best possible outcome for the settlement agreement.
  • Injury Lawsuit Motor vehicle accident injury claims seldom get brought to the courtroom. In fact, 98% of them are settled outside the court because lengthy court battles cost more time and money than most companies are willing to shell out. This means that a threat of a court battle can be used to encourage companies to agree on a reasonable and fair payout faster. Our experienced lawyers here in Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys work hard, through tried-and-tested negotiation strategies and techniques, to get the maximum payout for you.
  • Post-Settlement As soon as a fair settlement is agreed upon by all parties involved, or as soon as the lawsuit is found in your favor, we then enter post-settlement. The funds agreed to be awarded to you will be deposited into a trust account for five days before the disbursement. When we know what the full payout amount is, your attorney here at Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys can start negotiating regarding your fees, bills, and liens to reduce rates. This further maximizes your remaining funds. Once all has been paid for, you will then receive your final check as well as a copy of your file.

Truck accidents that result in severe injuries or even death can be very painful and traumatic for a person and for their family. If you or your loved one are a victim of a truck accident caused by someone else’s negligence, the accomplished Revere truck accident lawyers here at Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys are ready to fight with you and for you to get justice and fair compensation.

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Going through a truck accident can have devastating consequences in one’s life, and it’s very important for one to work toward taking back their life. The first step can be to work with a competent and aggressive truck accident injury lawyer from a reputable law firm such as Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys. Truck accident cases can be very tricky, especially when commercial drivers are involved, and not all lawyers are equipped to handle them…but we are, and we’re ready to get you the fair compensation that you are entitled to.

Take your first step on the road to a peaceful recovery. Take back your life and leave all the worrying with the skilled Revere truck accident injury attorneys here at Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys.

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